Prestige Builds

Here at 365 4 Bikes we specialize in prestigious bike builds. We work together alongside our clients to ensure their dream bike becomes a reality.

It all starts with a vision, our client will contact us with a vision of their dream bike, its then our job to ensure that vision is put into place and turned into reality.

The first step is the key step, choosing the frame. From a traditional Bianchi, to an outrageous Cipollini, or even the perfect simplicity of a Colnago, we help find the right frameset for you.


Once the correct frameset is chosen the second step is to find the correct sized frameset that is most suitable for you. We take the vital body measurements from yourself, then get you all set up on a suitable sized bike to ensure we get the perfect size.


The third step of the prestigious build process is where it gets really interesting, choosing the components. This is where our service really does become unique. We have a one-on-one discussion with our client on how they're pursuing to make their bike stand out from the rest.


From different stems, to different saddles to different wheels, we go through it all to help assist in creating that perfect bike for you. Our in house prestige builder will even send you various designs and ideas for your build, to ensure the decisions and parts you choose are thoroughly thought out and correct.

We then sit down with our client and confirm sizes for the set chosen parts, once everything on the bike is confirmed we then calculate a price which will not be beaten! Once prices are discussed and agreed with the client the fun really begins!

Once all the pieces for the build are in store ready to roll our in house mechanic then sets to work to create the bike to an exceptional standard, we take pride in making a promise that the standards of our prestige builds will not be beaten in the UK.


The Final step. Our in house mechanic will finalize and perfect your bike, then make that ever so important call inviting you in store to come and collect you new dream bike. We love seeing the faces and reactions of our clients when they take their first look at their new bike! Once our client is in store we fine tune everything for you, whether a comfy or race position is desired, we work and keep making tweeks and adjustments until that perfect position is found.

The only thing left for our client to then go and do is ride!!


Here are some examples of our custom builds.