Polaris Bike Pod Pro In Stock At 365 4 Bikes

Saturday, 12 April 2014  |  Admin

We are now stocking the Polaris Bike Pod Pro. Great case that is sure to protect your bike on any journey.

The all new Polaris Bike Pod Pro is made from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate); this material has a high impact strength and good tear/abrasion resistance making it an ideal, very crack resistant construction method for the Bike Pod. The four individual trolley wheels are deeply recessed to avoid accidental breakages, and all the hardware, handles, wheels and clasps are bolted into place and fully replaceable. Of the four clasps, two are lockable for added security which makes this Pod super secure.

Inside, on each side of the box, are fitments for the wheels that allow the hubs to centre. These are locked into place with integrated position guides and reusable zip-ties. The frame is then sandwiched between the included foam and plenty of straps are included to lock it down.

The Polaris Bike Pod Pro is all you need to safely and securely transport your bike all over the world.

We also have an hire option. Contact us for more information or visit case transport tab on our site.